Baking Tips for Your Kitchen

There are many things you can do to help your baking be its best. Below, I have some tips to help you get consistent results with anything that you bake. Take notes, now, because you will want to follow each of them.

  1. Always use the right consistency with butter: The temperature of your butter has the ability to dramatically affect how your baked goods turn out. If the recipe calls for butter that is softened, make sure your butter is soft.
  2. Room Temperature is very important: If the recipe calls for ingredients that are room temperature, whether its eggs, butter, or anything else, make sure you follow that.
  3. Before beginning, always read the recipe: Yeah, we all know this is what we should do, but how many times have you not done this. Reading it ahead of time will help you to be prepared for your next step before you get to it.
  4. Prepare your ingredients ahead of time: Yes, before you even start the first step, get out all the ingredients you will need and put them within easy reach.
  5. Measure well: Being precise in measurements with baking is very important, so measure each of your ingredients properly.
  6. Weigh the ingredients: This also falls into being precise. Use a small kitchen scale to get your measurements exact. The precision can make or break your recipe.
  7. Use an oven thermometer: Unless your oven is calibrated, it is likely off with the temperature. This can cause things not to bake like they should. Using a thermometer inside your oven will help a lot with this.
  8. Keep the door on the oven closed: When you are baking, it is tempting to open the oven to check on your goods. Resist the urge! Opening the door throws off the temperature and will affect how well the item bakes.
  9. Refrigerate your cookie dough: This is especially important if the dough is greasy feeling or if you want to cook them later. When you chill them, they will be firmer and will spread less during cooking.
  10. Keep them fresh: Here is a great tip for your cookies to keep them soft…store them with a piece of bread. This will help keep the cookies moist because the bread will give up its moisture to the cookies.

Hopefully these tips will help you have the kind of baked goods that have people coming back for more. They will certainly help you to have more consistent results in your kitchen. We certainly don’t need big data to help you improve your kitchen baking! But, if you do then check out this blog post from a¬†mobile app development company¬†about big data. Again, it’s probably overkill for your kitchen, but you never know what will help!

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  1. Deandre May 1, 2017 at 6:50 am

    What an awesome way to explain this-now I know evyiethrng!

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