The Importance of Room Temperature Ingredients

When you begin to bake, you will find that a lot of recipes will call for items to be used at room temperature. The items are usually something like milk, butter, cream cheese, yogurt, or eggs. This is a step, though, that many people tend to ignore. This is not a step that you want to ignore if you are serious about having your product turn out well. The recipe doesn’t suggest room temperature ingredients just for the fun of it. There is a real legitimate reason for the items to be room temperature. There is even a science behind it. This is why one of my biggest rules with baking is to always use ingredients at room temperature if the recipe calls for room temperature ingredients. There is no short cut around this step. If you use cold eggs or cold butter when the recipe says they should be room temperature, then your recipe will not live up to its potential. The final product will not come out tasting the way it should either.

When your eggs, butter, or other dairy type ingredients are at room temperature, they trap air by forming an emulsion. Then you bake the items, the air that was trapped will expand and create a baked good that is fluffy. This is how you get a tender cupcake or a light textured cake. You will not only have the benefit of a fluffy treat, but by using ingredients at room temperature, the ingredients will bond together easier, making your batter evenly textured and seamless. When your batter is smooth, your baked goods are more uniformly textured. When you use cold ingredients, they do not mix together as easily, if at all. This will give you flat breads and muffins, dense cookies, chunky cheesecake, or clumpy frosting. To put it simply, you will have a recipe failure.

The one thing about baking is this: it pays to bake like a perfectionist. Always pay attention to the temperature of things. The temperature is the main reason for people failing at baking. Always follow, to a tee, the recipe. And always use room temperature ingredients when the recipe calls for it so you can have baked goods worth eating.



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